Our Capabilities

At Extreme Concepts we are committed to superior quality and craftsmanship along with on-time, dependable delivery. We are meticulous about working with socially compliant factories and pride ourselves on our quick turn product abilities. Extreme manufactures domestically as well as in Central and South America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Expeditious Delivery

Through our strong domestic factory relationships we are able to produce product in ten days enabling our retail partners to quickly respond to in- season needs and maximize sales.

Quality Control

Quality is of the utmost importance to us and we remain dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality. Our team of experts are based at the factory level to maintain our strict quality guidelines.

Social Compliance

We are committed to manufacturing product at facilities that promote the welfare of its workers. In addition to each facility being monitored by regular visits from our production team, 3rd party auditing firms are employed to conduct annual audits that cover health and safety, workplace standards, compensation, working hours, environmental laws and regulations.

Cost Efficiency

We strive to provide the highest quality products and the best service at the lowest cost of ownership by unifying continuous improvement in our processes and technology while adhering to the industries best ethical and social practices.